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Welcome to the Diskcoin Wiki

1. What is Diskcoin?

Diskcoin is a scalable peer-to-peer crypto currency system that is more energy efficient than Bitcoin, retaining most of the features of Bitcoin, such as peer-to-peer networks, minimal network architecture, and security. Diskcoin uses the Conditioned Proof Of Capacity ( CPoC ) consensus algorithm to reduce the consumption of electricity and lower the entry barriers in the process of crypto currency production, which is more decentralized, without affecting security.

2. DISC Features

Energy saving and environmental friendly CPoC

Thanks to the Conditioned Proof Of Capacity (CPoC) consensus algorithm , Diskcoin is hundreds of times more energy efficient than most cryptocurrencies.

More decentralized

Diskcoin uses Conditioned Proof Of Capacity (CPoC) consensus algorithm, so Diskcoin is mined with low power hard drives instead of energy hungry CPUs, GPUs and ASICs, and hard drives are cheap and easily accessible. Miners could use unused space on their hard drives to mine Diskcoin.

The Dynamic Equilibrium Staking

Miners need to Stake the corresponding Diskcoins to get the most benefit. And the proportion of coins that need Staking is not simply fixed or decrease progressively. Instead, an algorithm named DES ( the Dynamic Equilibrium Staking ) algorithm is used to adjust the staking percentage according to the difficulty of mining.

3. About DISC

Getting started

Diskcoin Whitepaper

4. Services and Tools

Wallet Download

Block Explorer

Diskcoin PID Generator


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